Intgrated global ecology, land rehabiitation, pollution mitigation, community engagement, fairness and respect

About us

Earthling Group has deep experience in our integration with the world's natural environment, and encompasses agriculture, infrastructure, water management, emissions abatement, industrial pollution and mining.

We focus on the development and implementation of practical, commercially sound technologies that target increased productivity, long term sustainability and alignment with the natural environment. We work across a broad spectrum of sectors. We work with industry, universities, co-operative research centres, government bodies, innovative SMEs and businesses that are world leaders within their industries.


Our team includes specialised personnel with the highest credentials from disciplines selected to systematically address key aspects of land management, regeneration and economic viability. Our team includes geochemists, geospatial analysts, soil scientists, environmental scientists / engineers, biological farmers, occupational hygienists, renewable energy traders, multi award winning builders, miners and personnel with security clearance.