RegenR8, regenerative agriculture, land regeneration

Productive Land Regeneration

RegenR8™ is emerging as a leading system for agricultural land management and large scale productive land regeneration, addressing a need for a reliable, best practice approach.

Targeting practical, low risk ways to increase productivity and land resilience, and enabling use of relevant advances, it has been developed to represent leading regenerative practice.

It provides a system and support service for graziers, farmers, peak bodies, financiers, agronomists, extension officers, carbon farmers and financiers.


It follows a systematic approach that is designed to increase revenue and profitability, whilst increasing fertility and water retention.


Implementation provides numerous benefits including:

  • increased soil fertility and water retention

  • Increased carrying capacity / land production

  • Additional revenue streams

  • Reversing loss of topsoil

  • Long term sustainability

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RegenR8 18 months.jpg

18 months after commencement

We regularly hold discussions with parties that are interested in providing financial incentives for landholders seeking to implement RegenR8™. If you would like to be considered feel free to reach out to us with your contact details, indicative size of your operations, whether you are grazing, cropping or a mix of these, and the location of your property(s).